Photo Set

Names! I finally gave them names! Like finally!

So here it is:

BLU Soldier: George
BLU Scout: Stanley
BLU Pyro: Joan

RED Scout: Jack
RED Medic: Margaret


Some minor things:

- Not many BLU team members knows BLU pyro’s name, only those close with her would call her ‘Jo’.

- Stanley is sometimes called ‘Stan’ in short.

- Some RED team members call Margaret ‘Mar’ because it takes too long to pronounce her full name. 


Unfortunately this is still work in progress. Project deadline is so near I just want to die. x_x 


The first time Cheung On and Diana met, when Diana murdered a few thugs who were trying to rob the chinese woman.

Photo Set

TF2 OCs expressions made into emoticons.


Chibi marching parade. WIP.


To explain simply why my couple characters are drawn interacting differently sometimes, like sometimes they were together but sometimes not, it was because it was on different points of the story timeline.

Basically this little timeline kind of shows the development of the relationship between Cheung On and Raven, in chronological order. I hope it explains things but at the same time not spoil too much.


((Weekends yay~~ time to draw some comics~~~


Despite being busy as hell, I have decided to do something fun.

Taking costume ideas/suggestions. And then I will draw the characters in one group picture.

- Throw in your costume suggestions for characters of this series through ‘Submissions' in Chinesesniper blog. Requests in ask inbox will not be entertained.

- One suggestion per person only

- If there are multiple requests for one character, I will have to pick only one suggestion eventually. (based on difficulty and how creative the idea is )

- Submission deadline: 19 October 2012 (Why so early? Because I need time to draw before posting the finished image by 31st October, lol )

- Reference pictures would be nice.

- Available characters

  • Cheung On (BLU sniper, the tsundere chinese woman)
  • Cheung Ning (RED demoman, thick brows chinese guy)
  • Raven (RED Spy, smart-ass red head guy)
  • Diana (BLU Spy, the fujoshi queen)
  • BLU soldier (the grumpy old man)
  • BLU Pyro (short, psychotic gangster girl)
  • RED medic (uptight, middle aged lady)
  • RED Scout (overly confident, loud mouthed blonde dude )
  • BLU Scout (timid, tall, obedient kid )

- Please note that this is not a one-to-one request slot thing. I will NOT announce who suggested which costume idea when the image is complete.

- I’m doing this just to find out if there is anyone out there who are interested in knowing more about my characters, and also to find some inspiration and motivation to do a major drawing once in a while. I apologise making this ‘event’ out of selfish reasons.


Aaaand I have started drafting page 5. \o/

Gotta try to get more stuff done before i lose interest again. OTL